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Prelims Prominence - April 27, 2018

NITI Aayog

Atal New India Challenges

    Implementing agency

  • Human Resource Development Ministry
  • NITI Aayog on Thursday announced the launch of the 'Atal New India Challenges' programme under the Atal Innovation Mission to provide grants of up to Rs 1 crore to innovative products and solutions to address challenges in 17 different fields that have been named.

Enlighten about Atal New India Challenge

  • It is an initiative by Atal Innovation Mission aimed at supporting innovators to create products/solutions based on advanced technologies in areas of national importance and social relevance through a grant-based mechanism.
  • The vision of the Atal New India Challenge is two-fold:
  • (a) help create products from existing technologies relevant for national and social causes (productization); (b) help new deep-tech products find markets and early customers (commercialization) in the context of India.
  • One of Atal Innovation Mission’s primary goals is to incentivize innovation in areas critical to India’s growth, such as health, housing, hygiene, energy and water.
  • Researchers have long talked of the ‘Valleys of Death’ at the early stage and commercialization stage in taking innovations to market.
  • The Atal New India Challenge aims to address the second Commercialization Valley of Death, in which innovators are unable to access resources for piloting, testing, and market creation.
  • The Atal New India Challenge is an open call to design and demonstrate market-ready products based on cutting edge technologies in identified focus areas.
  • Applicants showing capability, intent, and promise to be able to productize technologies will be awarded grants of up to 1 crore, strictly on a milestone basis.
  • Under the Atal New India Challenge, which shall be run in collaboration with five ministries, AIM will invite prospective innovators/MSMEs/start-ups to design market-ready products, using cutting edge technologies or prototypes across 17 identified focus areas, namely,

Cabinet Decisions

Fifth Schedule to the Constitution of India Cabinet approval of Scheduled area in Rajasthan

  • Approval to the declaration of Scheduled Areas in respect of Rajasthan under Fifth Schedule to the Constitution of India by rescinding the Constitution Order (C.O.)114 dated 12th February 1981 and promulgation of a new Constitution Order.
  • The promulgation of new C.O. will ensure that the Scheduled Tribes of Rajasthan will get benefits of protective measures available under the Fifth Schedule to the Constitution of India.
  • The Rajasthan Government has requested for extension of Scheduled Areas in the State of Rajasthan under Fifth Schedule to the Constitution of India.
  • The Scheduled Tribes residing in Banswara, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh, and partial areas of Udaipur, Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Pali and Sirohi districts of Rajasthan will get benefits of protective measures available under the Fifth Schedule to the Constitution of India.

Enlighten about the Fifth Schedule

  • As per paragraph 6(1) of the Fifth Schedule {Article 244(1)} to the Constitution of India, the expression 'Scheduled Areas' means ‘such areas as the President may by order declare to be Scheduled Areas'.
  • The President may at any time by order increase the area of any Scheduled Area in a State after consultation with the Governor of that State; rescind, in relation to any State or States, any order or orders made under this paragraph, and in consultation with the Governor of the State concerned, make fresh orders redefining the areas which are to be Scheduled Areas.



  • Indo-Malaysian defence cooperation


  • in the jungles of Hulu Langat - Malaysia

Enlighten about the exercise

  • A joint training exercise HARIMAU SHAKTI will be conducted in the dense forests of Sengai Perdik, Hulu Langat, Malaysia from 30 April 18 to 13 May 18.
  • The exercise is aimed at bolstering cooperation & coordination between armed forces of both the nations and to share the expertise of both the contingents in conduct of counter insurgency operations in jungle terrain.
  • Indian contingent is being represented by one of the oldest infantry battalions, 4 GRENADIERS having rich operational experience in conventional as well as counter insurgency warfare.
  • The Malaysian contingent is being represented by soldiers from 1 Royal Ranjer Regiment and the Royal Malay Regiment, known for their experience in Jungle Warfare.


India – World Bank Loan Agreement Innovate in India for Inclusiveness Project

  • A Loan Agreement for IBRD credit of US$ 125 (equivalent) for the “Innovate in India for Inclusiveness Project” was signed with the World Bank
  • The Objectives of the project is to nurture indigenous innovation, foster local product development and accelerate commercialization process by bridging critical skill and infrastructure gaps to promote affordable and innovative healthcare products generation for inclusive development and increasing competitiveness in India.
  • The project would support consortia of public, private, and the academic institutions to overcome the key market failures currently holding back the development of an innovative biopharmaceutical and medical devices industry in India.

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