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Prelims Prominence - June 26, 2018


A report on - Village Electrification

Centre’s role/responsibility

  • The Centre’s responsibility to connect households and villages to the power grid or provide them alternative sources of electricity, it cannot guarantee the supply of electricity to them

Role of power distribution companies of each states

  • The actual supply is the responsibility of the power distribution companies in each State

Central government announcement

  • The Centre has claimed 100% electrification of all villages and 83% of all households across the country.
  • It has said that all households will be electrified by the year-end.

What’s the actual statistics

  • There has been several discrepancies between the actual and the on-paper status of electrification.
  • In some cases, the electrification infrastructure such as cables and transformers were stolen days after they were installed, leaving the target village unelectrified in reality but connected on paper.
  • In other cases, electricity was supplied for just a few hours a day.

What’s the actual statistics

  • There has been several discrepancies between the actual and the on-paper status of electrification.
  • In some cases, the electrification infrastructure such as cables and transformers were stolen days after they were installed, leaving the target village unelectrified in reality but connected on paper.
  • In other cases, electricity was supplied for just a few hours a day.

What’s the issue

  • Discoms not so efficient
  • Almost every State in the country reels under power cuts, especially during peak summer.
  • Discoms are still very inefficient, with the costs they incur in the transmission far outweighing revenue.
  • Government data show discoms across the country, on an average, lose 0.22 a unit of electricity supplied.


Discovery of hydrocarbons in KG Basin by OIL India

  • Oil India Limited (OIL), one of India’s largest public sector oil exploration and production companies, has made its second hydrocarbon discovery in the onland KG Basin
  • The well Thanelanka-1 is the first high pressure-high temperature (HP-HT) well drilled by OIL
  • The size of the discovery can only be ascertained after further testing of the wells
  • OIL is the operator of the the block with 90% participating interest while the balance 10% is held by Geo Global Resources.
  • Earlier, the company made a gas discovery at Dangeru-l well in the block.
  • Besides having a pan-India presence, OIL has participating interest in blocks in more than nine countries overseas — Libya, Gabon, Nigeria, Yemen, Venezuela, USA, Mozambique, Russia and Bangladesh.

Ministry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises

UN MSME Day to be celebrated on 27th June 2018 UdyamSangam

  • The Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), will organize National Conclave (UdyamSangam) on 27th June 2018 on the occasion of UN MSME Day.
  • The purpose of the Conclave is to encourage dialogue and partnership among various stakeholders of the MSME ecosystem and for promoting innovation and knowledge sharing on MSME related issues.
  • On this occasion the Solar Charkha Mission of the Ministry will be launched by the President.

Enlighten about Solar Charkha Mission

  • The Mission will cover 50 clusters and every cluster will employ 400 to 2000 artisans.
  • The Mission has been approved by the Government of India for which the MSME Ministry will disburse subsidy of Rs. 550 crores to the artisans.
  • A Website of the Ministry will also be launched which will act as a bridge between the talent pool and those enterprises seeking trained man power.


  • The need for convergences of all government initiatives relating to MSME sector has always been emphasized.
  • UdyamSangam is a step forward towards consolidating that process.
  • UdyamSangam will be followed by a fortnightlong MSME Pakhwada called Udyam Lehar.


  • The UN General Assembly in its 74th Plenary held on the 6th April, 2017 declared 27thJune as Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day, recognizing the importance of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in achieving sustainable development goals and in promoting innovation, creativity and sustainable work for all.


Enlighten about Plastic Menace

  • India generates an estimated 32 million metric tonnes of packaging waste each year, of which plastic waste constitutes 16%. But only 60% of the collected plastic waste is recycled.

Only few states taking care of waste plastic management

  • Kerala and Sikkim are the States with the most creditable plastic waste management policies. “Sikkim has a system of buying back plastic from consumers.

United Nations/Awards

United Nations Medal for selfless service 7 Garhwal Rifles Infantry Battalion Group

  • 7 Garhwal Rifles Infantry Battalion Group of Indian Army was awarded United Nations Medal for “selfess service”.
  • The contingent is part of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in South Sudan.
  • It has been complimented for carrying out numerous operational tasks with utmost professionalism and dedication to the UN mandate.

Enlighten about South Sudan

  • It got independence from Sudan in 2011and it is the youngest nation in the world.

Enlighten about UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)

  • It is the newest UN Peacekeeping Mission.
  • India is the highest contributor in terms of troops to UNMISS.
  • In addition to India, 53 nations from around the world have contributed troops to the peacekeeping mission.

India and UN Peacekeeping

  • The Indian Army is the largest contributor to United Nations Peacekeeping Missions mandated to maintain stability and negotiate peace settlement in turbulent regions of the world.
  • So far India has provided almost 200,000 troops in nearly 50 of the 71 UN peacekeeping missions over the past six decades, including 14 of the current 16 missions. Last year, 7,606 Indian peacekeepers were deployed in UN missions.

Infrastructure Development

The Ratnagiri Refinery project in Maharashtra

  • Saudi Aramco and ADNOC signed an MoU today to jointly develop and build an integrated refinery and petrochemicals complex at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra.
  • The project will be implemented by Ratnagiri Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. (RRPCL).
  • Earlier, Saudi Aramco had joined the project by signing an MoU with the Indian consortium on 11th April 2018 on the sidelines of the16 International Energy Forum Ministerial.

Enlighten about RRPCL

  • RRPCL which is promoted by a consortium of India PSUs consisting of IOCL, BPCL and HPCLwill now have Saudi Aramco & ADNOC as overseas strategic partners.
  • The project will be set up as a 50:50 joint partnership (50:50) between the consortium from India and Saudi Aramco and ADNOC.
  • This will be single largest overseas investment in the Indian refining sector.

Enlighten about the refinery

  • The mega refinery will be capable of processing 1.2 million barrels of crude oil per day (60 million metric tonnes per annum).
  • It will produce a range of refined petroleum products, including petrol and diesel meeting BS-VI fuel efficiency norms.
  • The Refinery will also provide feedstock for the integrated petrochemicals complex, which will have the capacity of producing approx. 18 million tonnes per annum of petrochemical products.
  • RRPCL will rank among the world’s largest refining & petrochemicals projects and will be designed to meet India’s fast-growing fuels and petrochemicals demand.

Enlighten about the Background on Ratnagiri Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.(RRPCL):

  • Ratnagiri Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. (RRPCL), a JVC, was formed on 22ndSeptember,2017 between IOCL,BPCL& HPCL with equity participation of 50:25:25 respectively.


Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Report on the current state of armaments, disarmament and international security – 2018

  • Russia, the US, the UK, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea – Nuclear Warhead Countries

Enlighten about SIPRI

  • SIPRI estb. In 1966 is an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament.
  • SIPRI provides data, analysis and recommendations, based on open sources, to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public.
  • Based in Stockholm, SIPRI also has a presence in Beijing, and is regularly ranked among the most respected think tanks worldwide.

Bilateral Relations

India and Seychelles

  • Both countries have signed six Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs)
  • India has announced US $100-million credit to Seychelles for augmenting its defence capabilities.
  • It also announced to hand over second Dornier aircraft to Seychelles as promised by PM Modi during his visit there in 2015.
  • The aircraft will reach Seychelles before its National Day on June 29, 2018.

Enlighten about the MoU

  • Regarding Indian Grant Assistance for implementation of small development projects through local bodies, educational and vocational institutions.
  • Twinning Agreement on Establishment of Friendship and Cooperation between Panaji (Municipal Corporation), Goa (India) and Victoria City of Seychelles
  • MoU in the area of Cyber Security: It was signed between Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) and Seychelles’ Department of Information Communications Technology.
  • Cultural Exchange Programme between India and Seychelles for the years 2018-2022
  • Technical Agreement on Sharing White Shipping Information between Indian Navy and National Information Sharing and Coordination Center of Seychelles: It will enable the two countries to exchange data regarding identity and movement of non-military commercial vessels
  • MoU between Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of Ministry of External Affairs of India and Department of Foreign Affairs of Seychelles

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