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Prelims Prominence - March 5, 2018

Ministry of Food Processing Industries

First Mega Food Park in Maharashtra at Satara inaugurated

  • The first Mega Food Park in the state of Maharashtra M/s Satara Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd. at Village Degaon, District Satara was inaugurated
  • This is the 12th Mega Food Park operationalized in the country

Enlighten about the food park -

  • To give a major boost to the food processing sector by adding value and reducing food wastage at each stage of the supply chain with particular focus on perishables,
  • Ministry of Food Processing Industries is implementing Mega Food Park Scheme in the country.
  • Mega Food Parks create modern infrastructure facilities for food processing along the value chain from farm to market with strong forward and backward linkages through a cluster based approach.
  • Common facilities and enabling infrastructure is created at Central Processing Centre and facilities for primary processing and storage is created near the farm in the form of Primary Processing Centers (PPCs) and Collection Centers (CCs).

Solar Energy

Shakti Sthala

  • World’s largest solar park
  • Launched in Karnataka
  • Location - Tumkur district, about 180km from Bengaluru.


The ‘Global Status Report 2017

  • Publishing body - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Working area –

  • Towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector

Enlighten about the 2017 report

  • It has listed the Energy Management Centre (EMC), an autonomous institution under the Kerala government campus, as one of the recent achievements in the deployment of key technologies for energy-efficiency in buildings.

Enlighten about The EMC campus

  • It uses daylighting controls, CFC-free heating, ventilation and cooling systems, along with a halogen-free fire-fighting system.
  • Solar reflectance index coating, combined with high-albedo painting and turbo-vents for passive cooling, has been used, and tropical rainforest trees help create cool surroundings.
  • Only certified green construction materials, recycled wood boards, low-emitting paints and adhesives, and green-plus certified carpets have been used


National Financial Reporting Authority

  • The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for establishment of National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA).
  • The NFRA will be an independent regulator for the auditing profession which is one of the key changes brought in by the Companies Act, 2013.
  • For the establishment and enforcement of accounting and auditing standards and oversight of the work of auditors.
  • It would be an overarching watchdog for auditing profession and once set up, the current powers of the ICAI to act against erring chartered accountants will be vested with the new regulator.
  • The NFRA will have powers to debar an erring auditor or auditing firm for up to ten years besides slapping heavy penalties.
  • The jurisdiction of the NFRA will extend to all listed companies as well as large unlisted public companies. Besides, the government can refer other entities for investigation by the NFRA where public interest would be involved.
  • The regulator will have 15 members, including a chairperson and three full-time members. Besides, there would be a secretary.


Phirangipuram To be Andhra’s first all-women rail station

  • Phirangipuram is all to be Andhra Pradesh’s first all-women rail station.
  • It will be the third-of-its-kind railway station in the country after Jaipur’s Gandhi Nagar and Mumbai’s Matunga.

Rooppur nuclear power plant India to help build nuclear plant in Bangladesh

  • India, Bangladesh and Russia have signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MoU)
  • For cooperation in the construction of the Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.
  • Russia is building the nuclear power plant in Bangladesh on a turnkey basis.
  • Indian companies can be involved in construction and installation works and in the supply of equipment of a non-critical category.

Enlighten about Trunkey project –

  • A turnkey or a turnkey project (also spelled turn-key) is a type of project that is constructed so that it can be sold to any buyer as a completed product.
  • This is contrasted with build to order, where the constructor builds an item to the buyer's exact specifications, or when an incomplete product is sold with the assumption that the buyer would complete it.

Danger Islands Supercolony of Adelie Penguins

  • The discovery of a previously unknown “supercolony” of more than 1,500,000 Adélie Penguins in the Danger Islands by scientists
  • Danger islands – it is a chain of remote, rocky islands off of the Antarctic Peninsula’s northern tip.